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The Reissman Law Group, P.A., Attorneys, Saint Petersburg, FL

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Welcome to the Reissman Law Group

law-book-gavelFor over ten years, The Reissman Law Group has been representing clients big and small. At The Reissman Law Group, we believe that when it comes to legal representation having experienced attorneys representing you and your business is key to success.


Our attorneys are responsive, approachable, efficient, and provide responsible legal services in a cost effective manner. Unlike many small firms, The Reissman Law Group can assist with your individual or business needs in several areas of the law. Founded by Marshall G. Reissman , The Reissman Law Group has lawyers with extensive hands on legal experience, that combine to help provide top tier legal services to clients.


We have many clients who retain The Reissman Law Group for their business and individual needs. These clients understand that your legal representation, whether preparing a simple document or engaging in complex commercial litigation is more than just words on paper or a voice over the phone. It is relying on professionals that have your best interest in mind. Use our website for more information on The Reissman Law Group’s practice areas and attorneys. If you have any questions, you can contact us here.